Running to Eden Gardens…

1st Visit to Eden Gardens, Abhishek Creates, KKR
Date: 1st June, 2014
I have been a fan of Kolkata Knight Riders since the beginning of Indian Premier League.

The Team won the Tournament first time in 2012, again they won in 2014 & that’s how/why this Incident happened.

In the final match between KKR & KXIP(Kings 11 Punjab), my favorite team won & they announced 3rd June to be the celebration day in Eden Gardens stadium.

Running to Eden Gardens, Abhishek Creates

Next Day.

Our chief minister Mamata Banerjee declared “free entry” to everyone in Eden Gardens stadium on 3rd June on a condition. People need to collect free pass(es) from their local police station.

So I went to my local police station with my old(in friendship) friend & saw people are already in queue for the freebies. We too joined them but the moment our turn came, passes were finished. We asked an officer if we can collect those later & in reply, he gave us the landline no. of the police station.

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash, Abhishek Creates

Celebration Day:

I woke-up earlier that day & after a while called the police station to get an update about the passes. They said no.

It was 10 a.m. & I had to go to school but I was more interested for the opportunity to witness the celebration of Winning Team, my Favourite Actor & much more. So I just went to my friend’s home & told him that we should go Eden Gardens stadium today & as expected he agreed.

I was in school uniform, so I changed clothes, had to quarrel with Mother about being absent in school but it happens.

After an hour(approx.), we were in Dharamtala(name of the location, where the stadium is located).

Note: We still didn’t had any pass(es) to enter the stadium premises as the police didn’t had/gave passes anymore.

So there was a huge crowd all over the area & was getting larger. The police made a separate and temporary route for public to enter the stadium & everyone had to follow that.

We also followed that but we included some jumps in the route so that we can save ourselves from the Charged-Laathi(stick) of Mountain-Police(police riding on horse).

Now we were running to our Final Destination. Almost everyone had pass(es) in their hands except us, so my friend’s hands were down but I kept my right hand up pretending to hold a pass in between my fingers. I thought if any officer catches me, I will tell them I had a pass, due to the congestion I lost it somewhere. But it wasn’t needed as there was no such checking in the entry-point.

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