A Journey to Bhubaneswar



Date: 22nd November, 2016

Day: Tuesday

Brief-Information: I am Abhishek Barnwal.

This is my Real Experience which I have written as a Story.

Next Paragraph you will read is the Inception.

The day started as usual as my daily routine but after sometime it turned in a huge hurry. My train was at 2:50 p.m., so I moved out from home at 12:15 a.m. for my School, had to submit my Projects for the Higher Secondary Examination. It was almost 1:30 p.m. & I was still 5-8 minutes far from my school due to huge traffic jam. After half-an-hour I got to know that the way to my school is blocked & I need to walk to reach school. That half-an-hour was wasted in the bus which made my Journey Exhausting.

When I entered in the school premises, I saw my three friends are already there to submit their projects, I talked with them & got to know that my all 5 projects are invalid.

Reason: I hadn’t added pictures in one project & in rest 3 projects I used Channel Files which were unacceptable by the teachers. One teacher was not present that day, so last but “valid” project was automatically rejected. I gave my projects to one of my friend & moved from there at 2:30 p.m.

I was waiting for the Bus to Howrah Station while the main-lace of my Bag tore down & fell on the road. I put it on my shoulders with the help of 2 small laces in it’s sides but it merely held the Load & then, both of them broke and again my Bag was on the road.

Anyhow I got on the bus at 2:35 p.m. & tied 2 broken laces of the bag. As the Bus[along with me] reached Howrah Station on 2:45 p.m. I got down and rushed towards the Old Complex. There I asked the Railway Police about the train “Coromandal Express,” they told me that it comes in the new-complex & now I was running again towards the New Complex. After reaching there, I saw that it’s already 2:49 p.m. & the Train is on the platform, almost ready for Departure.

I was “Running for Life” now! I started finding the Sleeper Class while panting, stopped near the AC 3 Tier bogie as I was unable to continue my Leg Exercise anymore.

It was 2:50 p.m. the Train started, I stopped for few seconds & got in the General Compartment. It was almost full, so I was just inside the gate & my head was on a Big Red Suitcase [of a passenger standing nearby]. I was “out of Breathe” and there was so much pain in nearby locality of my Stomach[Lungs, maybe]. After 5-7 minutes I stood Straight & looked around to see if there is any space to sit but it was fully congested.

I called my Father & told him that I am in the train & will reach Bhubaneswar in late evening, so don’t get much tensed [Old Habit of Good Parents]. Then I called my Mother & said the same I told my Father. At last I called my Big Brother[living in Bhubaneswar] & told him that I am in general bogie due to my late arrival on the platform, he told me to be calm & change the compartment in the next stop which was Kharagpur, I said alright.

Kharagpur, A Journey to Bhubaneswar, Abhishek Creates

Meanwhile I was still feeling uncomfortable, so I changed the direction of my face & now I was looking outside & the Air made me feel better.

After half-an-hour, I was feeling much Better[no more panting/pain] but still there was a problem & it was to “change the bogie/compartment.”

Well, nearly after 2 hours, the train arrived at Kharagpur Junction, I got down from current bogie & again I started running. The Sleeper Class was at other end of the train & this time I reached there & checked the Chart Listings. I found my name “Abhishek Barnwa” mentioned there, without “l” in the End. I asked the T.T.E standing nearby & he said my seat is inside, so I went inside & found that it’s empty but soon I was sitting there.

A Journey to Bhubaneswar, Abhishek Creates
My Online Ticket with some Nice Editing Skills.

After some relaxation, I put on my earphones & selected my Favourite Playlist in my Tablet which was in critical condition[Broken Screen], soon I was lost in Random Memories.

Don’t know how/why, I got to know that the train is likely 1 hour late, usually it reaches Bhubaneswar at 9:30 p.m. but that day[night actually] it arrived on 10:20 p.m. & I got down with a lace-broken bag on my shoulder. I called my Brother & he said, “Wait! I am on the way”. Soon[after 20-25 minutes] he came on his Bike and we went to a Hotel to get some Food and then we went to his Room.

The Food was delicious. Sorry, no Food for Readers. The End.

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